Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New series on ancient battles

The History Channel starts a new series March 9 called BATTLES BC which will depict ancient battles in a "graphic novel" style format similar to The 300.

This trailer depicts the Battle of Cannae between Carthage and Rome in 216 B.C. The Hannibal character in the trailer is a big muscular guy who reminds me a little of Vin Diesel. Not very accurate (for example, Hasdrubal Barca was not at Cannae), but it could be great fun to watch.

Apparently Vin Diesel himself is working on a 2011 movie called Hannibal the Conqueror where he plays the lead role. I could live with Vin Diesel in that role but it would all depend on the script. What made Hannibal a great general was his intelligence and leadership, not his muscles, if that doesn't come out, the role will not work.

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